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An outdoor recreational activity, camping involves people spending the night in tents at a campsite or somewhere in the wilderness. They do it in an attempt to temporarily avoid the din and bustle of city life, and to get close to nature. If you are looking to spend a comfortable time in camping, you can opt for the recreational vehicles. The vehicles are designed strictly for camping trips and they have everything for a safe and comfortable outdoor experience.Camping-Original-975x648

The recreational vehicles are luxurious and have all types of modern facilities like air conditioning, bathrooms, kitchens, showers, satellite TV and internet connection, and that is the reason why some people feel that the real experience of outdoor camping comes from tent camping, not from a recreational vehicles parked in the wilderness. Various touring bicycles, boats, and bush planes are used, depending on what people want and need. For camping, you need to carry with you some basic camping equipment. Tent, sleeping bag, portable stove, water filter, matches, flashlight, axe for cutting wood, a multi-tool, tactical knife, first aid kid and a rope. This is list made by a professional outdoor activist, so bear in mind that there are couple of items that are not a part standard camping equipment – still, it is better to have all of these included in your gear.

A tent consists of sheets of fabric that are attached to different poles to produce a shelter. Tents can be of different types like the flysheet, gazebo, fishermen’s tent, or a beach tent. Sleeping bags are warm and well insulated. They provide protection from wind, perspiration and exposure to view. A portable stove is a lightweight stove used for camping. They are usually single burner stoves using solid or liquid fuel for ignition. A flashlight is useful in the dark to illuminate the surrounding.

7443f5ff8e6653d9debfa15c96ff2438It is important to plan your camping well in advance. Always expect the unexpected. Consider the worst possible cases that you may have to face and think of ways how you can deal with the problem. Send copies of your route to your family members. Register yourself before going out for a hike and similarly sign in after coming back. Use a two-way radio to communicate with your partner.

Always be prepared to face weather change while you are camping. Make sure that you are carrying the necessary camping gears like waterproof backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, and other such things. Carry a waterproof jacket and pants with you. Carry layer clothes so that you can remove or add a layer according to the weather condition. Carry along with you a topographical map of the area so that you don’t easily get lost while camping. A whistle may come handy.Scouts-setting-up-tent

Beware of insect bites and stings. Always use a DEET-based insect repellent and check for bites behind your ears, under the arm, and in the groin area. Camping provides the best way of engaging in adventures and getting close to nature but at the same time can be dangerous if you don’t follow couple of basic rules regarding camping and outdoor trips. It is essentially important to read few outdoor/camping guides before you set off to a trip.