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There is nothing on earth quite like camping in the wild. The fresh air, the peace and the connecting back to a more simple way of life. It is a great experience, but for those who are just beginning it can be a little bit nerve wracking because it can be a challenge to be prepared when you don’t know what you might need to be prepared for. There are some great resources overall online that cover this topic, but for the sake of getting things started off right this is going to primarily focus on cheap camping tents.

When you are buying a brand new camping tent there are a few things that you should consider in regards to what to look for before just buying one. This can be particularly difficult if you have never been camping on your own before.

Orange-Solar-TentJust like most anything these days there are an endless supply of varieties available and the camping tent is certainly no exception. When you begin your journey to find the right kind of tent one of the first things you should ask yourself is how big do you need the tent to be? Although the most important thing is that it can fit in your car and you can carry it to where you need it to be set up, over all the size will largely depend upon how many people you will be having with you.


The overall size of a camping tent is fairly universal in regards to how it is calculated. Most tents will base their size on how many standard sleeping bags will be able to fit in it. If you are going to buy a two person tent then there will literally only be enough room for two people lying in their own sleeping bags. There is often not much room beyond that, and therefore if you are planning on taking a family camping trip you may want to consider doing a multi room tent.


A multi room tent is made up of multiple sections, as the name suggests, and offers a little bit more space than typical camping tents. It is also a good idea, so that you don’t get too crowded, to by something bigger then what you need, especially if you are going to have your family with you. For example, if you have two children then it may be wise to, rather than getting a four person tent, to purchase a six person tent. This will give you the room you need to move around and have a much more pleasant camping experience.

 Camping can be a great experience that is relaxing and enjoyable. But, just like anything else it can be stressful and challenging; thus you need to prepare yourself and pack all the proper gear to have a great time in nature. If you can reduce the potential of some of those possibly dangerous situations rising before they start you can be one foot ahead in the game.