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I find that it doesn’t matter where you plan to go camping, in the mountains, by a lake or on the beach; everyone has a place that is magical for them. One of the joys of camping is that it can be so many things to so many people. It can be anything from an overnight escape from the big city to an elaborate multi-family holiday or a romantic hike into the great wilderness. Still, when picking up a camping gear, you should determine what kind of camping trip you are going to, in order to choose the right camping gear.

The Big Hike


For some, camping can mean hiking into a place where no one has ever been before. It means the quiet times, sitting by the campfire, with nothing to listen to but the birds. Having light comfortable gear can make that hike into your special place all the easier, so finding your camping equipment for the trip is important. Be sure that you look for light, weather-proof rucksacks, tents and sleeping bags for any kind of weather. Pick clothes that will pack up easy, don’t over-pack and make sure everything you bring is capable of being used multiple ways.

  • TIP: Buy boots that are a half-size too big with lots of wiggle room for toes and wear big comfy socks that breathe for an easier hike.

Caravan Camping

caravancamping485x275When I was a kid growing up, we always spent several weeks every summer camping in a big campsite full of families. I loved the feeling of freedom, of being able to stroll around and make friends all over the campsites, wandering through the immense trees of Northern California. These days, many families get together for multi-family caravans that camp together at family favorite spots. If you have made plans to get together with family or friends, planning what camping equipment to take can be almost as much fun as the camping itself. Setting up the kitchen for the group first is always a good priority that then leaves more time for enjoying the campsite. And don’t forget the tea kettle! Nothing quite tastes as good as camping tea, I don’t know why.

Romantic Overnights

Romantic-Overnight-Packages-01For those of us who live in the big city, one of the true joys of summer is the ability to have a quick weekend get-away. It doesn’t have to be anything really fancy, a tent and the one you love can be quite enough for many. Luckily even if you aren’t the rough outdoor type, tenting with a sweetheart can make an overnight adventure a time of romance. So grab a few bits of great camping equipment, and come out to the great outdoors. We all know that the summer get-away is what gets us through the winters. Memories remain of times in the sun, sleeping under the stars and what you saw just around the bend of that trail. So get out there now as much as you can. Build those memories for that cold winter day.